24 Hours of Reality: Let’s Get Real

24 Hours of Reality: Let’s Get Real is almost here! Empty promises and corporate greenwashing have allowed the climate crisis to worsen, bringing on extreme weather, from flooding rains to record droughts. Even half-measure commitments have gone unmet, putting us on the short path to a disastrous future.

Our chance to avert the most dramatic temperature increases is rapidly disappearing. Enough is enough.

Join us for a global day of action on 29 October to demand our leaders enact the policies required to shift the course of climate change. The time is now, and only now.

Help us reach our goal of 150 actions across Africa! There are a few ways you can take the #LeadOnClimate this 24 Hours of Reality:

Sink Our CO2

Organize a presentation about Africa’s forests and soil, followed by a community tree planting or food garden activity. Register for this action here so we can keep track of our goal. Plan your presentation and day of action using ACRP’s helpful resources:

Food Garden & Tree Planting Posters:

Zero Emissions | Omissions:

Sign and share the Zero Emissions | Omissions e-petition calling on the African Development Bank to fund the Africa we want, one that is sustainable and equitable – and leaves no one behind. Register for this action here so we can keep track of our goal.

Climate Justice Documentary Watch Party:

Climate Justice is social justice. Spread the word in your community by hosting a watch party of our documentary series, Not on Our Soil – A Climate Justice Reality. Host a watch party in person or online with your community and spark conversations about what climate justice means to you – and how together we can achieve it. Register for this action here so we can keep track of our goal.

We can’t wait to hear about your actions! Be sure to contact Community Engagement Coordinator Nosiphelo Nikani with photos and stories from the big day – and reach out to her if you need support getting 24 Hours of Reality ready.

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