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Loss and Damage Factsheet

A major priority for us at COP27 and beyond is Loss and Damage, a critical issue for global south activists.
We worked with The Climate Reality Project Philippines and Agam Agenda on a report, outlining what Loss and Damage is, what it can look like, examples of events that could have benefited from it, and a set of guiding principles.

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Cameroon Climate Leaders Photo Exhibition

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Climate change poses an immense and growing threat to important ecosystems like forests and human rights around the world. With the growing rate of deforestation, human rights violations are increasing at a massive scale: millions of individuals worldwide, specifically in Africa are projected to lose access to food, water, health, livelihoods, and basic human needs. It’s our responsibility as African climate justice activists to fight for our forests and create awareness around sustainable forest and soil management, restoration, and protection as carbon sinks and to inspire people to use nature-based and people-centred solutions. This is exactly what ACRP’s latest short film showcases. Ewi Lamma, a young climate activist from Cameroon, has committed her life and work to changing the status quo by working with local communities, women, and youth. Her work is inspiring people to speak up and take part in local decision-making while protecting the environment and Indigenous knowledge.


Africa: Not Your Gas Station

The global energy crisis has brought Europe’s bad habits roaring back.

Throughout modern history, Africa has been the site of extraction. While colonialism has ended, the legacy it has left on the African continent is one of dispossession, exclusion, and inequality.

Even in the context of the climate crisis, the neo-colonial project persists. The war in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions against Russia has highlighted the fact that somehow even in 2022, Europe’s relationship with Africa remains skewed and centered on resource extraction. As the continent faces an energy crisis and a looming cold winter, its governments are scrambling for a solution and turning their gaze on Africa’s gas as a short term, cheap and easy solution.


When Is Now

Poets for Climate is a collaborative project among the branches of Climate Reality in the Philippines, Canada, and Africa that aims to provide a platform for Climate Reality Leaders to communicate the urgency and solvability of the climate crisis, as well as the impacts of climate change in different regions of the world.

The goal of Poets for Climate is to harness the diverse languages and points of view of poets, artists, and climate advocates in Africa, Canada, and the Philippines to create pebble poems—very short poems with only three to four lines–that will send out ripples into a community of readers and help amplify the climate change movement across the globe.

The initiative is Climate Reality Philippines, Canada, and Africa’s response to When Is Now, a global, creative collaboration for urgent climate action mobilized by the Agam Agenda, Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), and Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities.

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