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The Climate Reality Project’s global branches are your first line of engagement in your country or region.
They can connect you with other Climate Reality Leaders, designated volunteer Regional Coordinators and Country Leaders, help publicise your work, and help you find partners for giving presentations and performing other Acts of Leadership.
Some branches are equipped to provide guidance on policy, grassroots organizing, education, civic engagement, and more.

The African Branch of Climate Reality is particularly equipped to:

  • Provide guidance on climate change policy and government lobbying;
  • Provide support for civic, community, and youth engagement and mobilisation;
  • Plan Days of Action for Climate Reality Leader participation;
  • Lead climate action campaigns and provide resource and action materials on fossil fuel finance exclusion and divestment, forest protection, restoration and management as carbon sinks, increased ambition on removing single-use plastics from our environment, and increasing public participation in environmental governance;
  • Publicize your events and actions through your social media as well as the branch’s social media, website, and newsletters.

Most Climate Reality branches have developed separate programs that need the help of Climate Reality Leaders – and offer opportunity for impact.
The Africa Branch of the Climate Reality Project has projects and campaigns running over the course of 2020, which you are encouraged to support.

I have a project idea – can Climate Reality fund it?

That depends! A few branches have secured separate funds for small grants in the past. Your branch will announce through email and other communications if and when such funds have been secured.
The Africa branch has designated funds to support the above identified campaigns and activities. The three volunteer Regional Coordinators receive a small stipend to support collective Climate Reality Leader days of action. Should you have actions and activities that are related to our campaigns, we encourage you to contact your Regional Coordinator for support and guidance.

The Climate Reality Project takes its partnerships as a responsibility to maintain strategic programmatic connections and follow through on shared initiatives. We are therefore very selective in who we choose to partner with and for which programs and will partner with select organizations when we know we will have the capacity to fulfill our responsibility. We do not lend our logo to programs and initiatives for which we will not have the capacity to take part as an active partner.
Write to  to inquire about partnering with a branch office, or for the global organization.
Requests for Al Gore –
Climate Reality Project receives many requests for our Founder and Chairman Al Gore, and can fulfil very few of them. Please speak with the branch office first to determine the feasibility of your request.

Our branch offices are specially equipped to work with Climate Reality Leaders on issues germane to their country or region. However, we recognize that some questions and issues are global in nature. Please write to your branch first at to determine who is best suited to answer your question, and the branch office can connect you with the relevant contact at Climate Reality’s Headquarters.

The UNFCCC and other intergovernmental organizations use a quota system for delegation accreditations, and The Climate Reality Project generally receives only a few accreditations which we use for staff and close partners only.

Most of The Climate Reality Project’s technology, science, and policy stances were spawned by our Founder and Chairman Al Gore’s book Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis. However, since it has been over a decade since publication, some of those stances have been updated. We are currently working to synthesize those stances in an educational resource for Reality Hub. Please keep an eye out for updates.
In the meantime, if it is imperative for your presentations or partnerships to know an official stance, please write to if you are a trained Climate Reality Leader, and if you are not, and your email will be routed to the correct department.

Each branch that has established a coordinator system has its own method of selecting coordinators.
The Africa Branch has four volunteer Regional Coordinators. At the beginning of 2022, the Branch sent a call for applications to all African Climate Reality Leaders for the volunteer Regional Coordinator positions. From the applications we received, there was a comprehensive selection process, including: submission of proposals, motivation letters, CV, and interviews for the top candidates for each region. Every region will also be supported by volunteer country leaders. Further information will be provided once these have been selected.

ACRP follows the African Union’s definition of regions within the continent.

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