Introducing our West Africa Hub and Regional Coordinator

Nana Mariam Yussif

West Africa Coordinator

Our work extends far and wide across Africa, and we are proud to finally have a West Africa Hub, that will keep West African CRLs engaged, and connected to our campaigns while enhancing and building meaningful partnerships with local climate action and climate justice organisations on the ground.

We are proud to introduce our West Africa Coordinator, Nana Mariam Yussif, who will lead our engagement efforts in the region. The Regional Coordinator will also serve as a central point of contact for CRLs in the region, streamlining operations and providing localised support on the ground, while ensuring alignment with the ACRP branch.

To reach her, email

Nana Mariam is a trained Climate Reality Leader, from the 2021 online Global Training, and served as a Mentor at the 2023 Climate Reality Leadership Training in Accra, Ghana, and as Deputy Country Mentor for Ghana from 2020 to 2022.