ACRP maintains calls for more ambitious commitments from developed countries and for African solutions to be championed

Johannesburg, South Africa, December 14, 2023The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP), is concerned with the outcome of COP28, the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which took place in Dubai. While acknowledging progress on issues including adaptation finance, with pledges of $134 million, and the Loss and Damage fund, with pledges of $792 million, as well as the mention of transitioning away from fossil fuels, ACRP emphasises the need for more urgent and ambitious commitments and concrete action on key African priorities.

While the language used in the final COP28 text is weak, opting for the transitioning away from fossil fuels instead of phasing out fossil fuels, we recognise that the very mention of “fossil fuels” in the text is the first of its kind and is a win in itself. However, for decades, civil society groups in the global south called for a complete phase-out of fossil fuels. It is disappointing that the well-known term phase out was omitted from the text and that phase-down, isonly used once, in relation to unabated coal. In order to keep the 1.5॰C goal alive, we need to phase out fossil fuels completely.

Climate finance: The text shows progress in pursuing a significantly increased climate finance goal, with ongoing high-level dialogues emphasising its importance. However, the current finance language falls short of ensuring a truly just and equitable transition or adaptation to climate change impacts, highlighting the need for further dialogue and engagement, with affected communities in the room.

Insufficient Adaptation Funding: The commitment to double adaptation finance by 2025 is positive, but the amount pledged, currently sitting at $134 million, is insufficient to address the vast scale of resources needed to adequately tackle adaptation in developing nations. 

African countries need predictable, long-term, and accessible funding to address the devastating impacts of climate change.

Unclear Pathway for Loss and Damage Fund: While $792 million was pledged towards the Loss and Damage Fund, this amount also falls short of what is actually needed to provide adequate resources to developing nations. This is particularly concerning given the projected cost associated with climate change in these countries, estimated to increase from $116–435 billion in 2020 to $1,132–1,741 billion in 2050. A clear pathway for the fund is crucial to address this disparity and create meaningful, long-term change in areas hardest hit by climate change.

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The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP), is the Africa Branch of global organisation The Climate Reality Project, and a program of Food and Trees for Africa. The branch was founded in 2014 in South Africa, and works with climate leaders across the continent who organise local activities and days of action. ACRP also works with governments, NGOs, and scientists in Africa to create tools and resources to support a network of active citizens who mobilise communities to find solutions to climate change and call on world leaders for more ambitious action.

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