#BreakFree from fossil fuels and change climate change!

Break Free is a people-centered movement that is powered by people standing up to take action against fossil fuels and to drive change. At the heart of Break Free are the individuals, families, and communities harmed by the pollution from coal power plants, the people who have felt first-hand the impacts of extreme droughts and flooding caused by climate change, and the communities that have been marginalised and displaced because of fossil fuel projects.

Break Free is not a campaign led by any one organisation. It’s a movement made up of NGOs and broader civil society, grassroots groups, and ordinary people that feel compelled to fight for a world without fossil fuels. In Africa, the Break Free movement consists of Earthlife Africa Johannesburg, Greenpeace Africa, 350africa.org and the African Climate Reality Project, along with grassroots communities.

As a part of this movement and leading up to Africa Day, we produced a Break Free radio series to help spread the Break Free message into coal-affected communities of South Africa.

#BreakFree from #climatechange – Episode 1

Episode 1 covers the basics of what climate change really is, with a climate change radio drama in Zulu (find this in other languages in our podcast resources), and interviews with Arese Ojelede – African Climate Reality Leader and Occupational health, safety and environmental consultant in Nigeria, and Gillian Hamilton, African Climate Reality’s branch manager.

#BreakFree from #climatechange – Episode 2

Episode 2 gets into how the burning of fossil fuels is not only the leading cause of climate change, but also has extreme negative social and health impacts on coal-affected communities.  We discuss the proposed, and unnecessary, coal-fired power stations in South Africa, and interview Andries Mocheko of the Waterberg Environmental Justice Forum and community member of Lephahale, a coal-affected community.  We also chat to David Le Page from Fossil Free South Africa about divesting from fossil fuels.

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