Climate Change Curriculum to be introduced to South African schools

The African Climate Reality Project (ACRP), and its host organisation, Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) have created a compelling and powerful programme to address climate literacy at high school level, by empowering learners with the values, and attitudes to become active citizens.

The role of education in addressing the climate crisis has become increasingly important. The Climate Change Curriculum will provide youth with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about how to adapt to climate change, and lead future discussions calling for climate justice.


The Climate Change Curriculum is based on ACRP’s Not on Our Soil docuseries, which features five short films on community, youth, gender, civil society and journalism, and their inextricable links with climate change and climate justice. Through the curriculum, aligned with the docuseries, grade 10 and 11 learners will explore the stories of local South African citizens advocating for climate justice. The content can be implemented in the Life Orientation, English, or Geography syllabuses.

Launch (of Climate Change Curriculum)

The Climate Change Curriculum will be launched at a workshop with educators in the Western Cape on Saturday, 25 February 2023. Training is accredited by the South African Council for Educators (SACE), and each educator will receive 10 Continued Professional Training and Development Points (CPTDP) after the workshop.

“Education has become an essential part of the toolkit in responding to the climate crisis. Our valuable educational materials are in-depth and designed to stimulate critical thinking, provide learners with knowledge and skills to make informed decisions, and elicit tangible actions toward climate justice,” explains Nicole Ras, Communications Manager at FTFA.”

“Climate education is absolutely essential if we want to build a bigger youth movement, where young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills to participate in, and lead the decisions, policies, and solutions related to climate change,” says Aurélie Kalenga, Communications Manager, African Climate Reality Project.”

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