Get to know Hassan Yasin


Name and Surname: Hassan Yasin
Country of Origin: Somali
Occupation: Vice-chairperson at Somali Greenpeace Association
Year of Climate Reality Leadership Corps training: 2020

When were you introduced to the concept of climate change?


How has climate change impacted you and your community?

Climate change has impacted my community and me by causing floods, drought, environmental degradation, loss of properties and life, food insecurity, and conflict resulting from climate change.

Why is taking climate action important to you?

It would educate my people about the reality of climate change, bring simple solutions to the community, and encourage adaptation and resilience measures. It creates coordination and a sense of awareness.

Which climate change issue are you most passionate about?

Floods, drought, disasters and food security, and environmental degradation.

What interested you in being trained as a Climate Reality Leader, and what have you gained from it?

I wanted to increase my knowledge of climate change and its impacts. I gained knowledge as well as a network.

What climate change activities and community work have you been involved in or organized recently?

Climate change education, planting trees, community climate change awareness, and deforestation prevention.

What is a positive experience you have had at a climate action event you organized or attended?

It was February 2020 when I went to Dayniile primary and secondary school in Mogadishu. We talked to the students about the importance of plants in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and mitigating climate change impacts. We promised to plant trees in their compound, but before we did that, they called us, informing us they have planted the trees for themselves and wanted training to protect the plants. In response, we trained more than 100 boys and girls in protecting these trees. So this was a positive change story.

What do you think is the most important thing that can be done to tackle climate change?

  1. World leaders committing to their promise to reduce carbon emissions
  2. Nature-based solutions
  3. Community engagement in the National climate change policy
  4. Funding opportunities for youth eco-friendly led projects
  5. Climate change education programmes
  6. Restoration of degraded lands

What advice would you give to other Climate Reality Leaders and activists taking climate action in Africa?

Keep it up for the good work that you are doing. Have passion and retool yourselves to take effective actions against climate change in your countries and the region.

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