Get to know Zumji Dechi


Name and surname: Zumji Mark John Dechi
Country of origin: Nigeria
Occupation: Economist
Year of Climate Reality Leadership Corps training: 2020

When were you introduced to the concept of climate change?

I was introduced to the concept of climate change in high school, way back in 2000.

How has climate change impacted you and your community?

Climate change has impacted my community and me; it has affected our economy concerning health, agricultural, environmental sectors, and more, which has become a significant issue on a global scale.

Why is taking climate action vital to you?

Taking climate action is important to me because its importance cannot be overemphasized. If not managed and effectively handled now, it will affect us now and future generations.

Which climate change issue are you most passionate about?

I am most passionate about tree planting and effective waste management within society.

What interested you in being trained as a Climate Reality Leader, and what have you gained from it?

I became interested in the training because of the climate crisis concerning various climatic outcomes, continually ravaging the world in various dimensions. I’ve learned and continue connecting with others through training and other platforms with fellow Climate Reality Leaders and other climate activists worldwide towards applying various measures and approaches in dealing with the climate crisis.

What is a positive experience you have had at a climate action event you organized or attended?

I’ve been involved in tree planting projects, community cleanings, and advocacy programs to educate the mass populace on numerous issues ravaging our communities.

What do you think is the most important thing that can be done to tackle climate change?

I had a positive experience when I was involved in a community cleaning when the community members told me they were encouraged by the actions we were taking. They requested that we make it a periodic event. Measures were inputted towards sustaining it as it’s not like they don’t know the importance of making our environment clean, but they just needed someone to encourage them. I was very happy at the end of the process. More pragmatic measures should be used with various messages and issues that need to be delivered to tackle the climate crisis.

What advice would you give to other Climate Reality Leaders and activists taking climate action in Africa?

My advice to other climate leaders and activists not just in Africa and even beyond the walls of Africa is that we are all in this movement together, and just as how the human body system operates, all parts are important as we should continue to do our best from the various locations and structures we find ourselves in.

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