Meet Cinderella Ndlovu

Cinderella Ndlovu, a dedicated Climate Reality Leader from Zimbabwe, has taken a powerful step towards environmental education by conducting a comprehensive Climate Change learning program across four schools in Bulawayo. The participating schools, namely Lotshe, Thembiso, Percy, and Josiah Primary Schools, have all been engaged in this transformative initiative, targeting students from grades 5 and 6. An impressive total of 245 students actively participated in this enlightening program.

The primary objective of this initiative is to instill a strong foundation of environmental and climate change knowledge within students from an early age. This initiative also serves as the inception of environmental clubs within these schools, which will play an integral role in facilitating frequent and impactful environmental programs. Cinderella and her dedicated team aspire to ignite the passion for environmental matters in young minds, empowering them to spearhead various activities within their communities, ranging from clean-up drives to tree-planting initiatives.

Cinderella’s current focus is on a groundbreaking campaign known as the “Climate Change Learning Lab Schools Program”, which seeks to enhance climate literacy among children and youth, while fostering an earnest interest in devising practical solutions to the challenges posed by climate change. Cinderella says, “we aim to elevate the comprehension of climate change impacts within our nation and kindle the curiosity of young minds in shaping innovative solutions.”

We are excited to share a glimpse from the schools that have been visited thus far, capturing the enthusiasm and engagement of the students in this vital learning journey.

Stay connected and follow Cinderella’s impactful work through her organization’s social media channels: X (Twitter): @hut_green

Facebook & Instagram: @greenhutinitiative

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