That is #The AfricaWeWant

To be African means having a deep, meaningful, and unconditional connection to the continent. As we celebrate Africa Day, how do we use this opportunity considering the continent faces a climate emergency that requires us all to stand for greater unity and solidarity. Development finance institutions such as the African Development Bank have a unique opportunity to stop the financing of fossil fuels that has a had a negative impact on the continent.

We all must stand as we commemorate Africa day to encourage leading financial institutions to embrace renewable energy as a stepping towards an equal, sustainable, and just Africa. The climate crisis is not waiting for us. Some people view the climate crisis as a down-the-road problem, something we can wait to deal with later. It is not. It will continue to exacerbate existing threats to our well-being – from stronger hurricanes and rising seas to more extended droughts putting our food and water at risk – and give rise to new ones.

The African Development Bank has a role to play by immediately putting an end to investments that are not aligned to protecting Africa and its people. Let us all use Africa day as a reminder that Africa is for the people and that the people choose clean energy and the people choose an equitable system that creates jobs, clean water and access to electricity.

That is #The AfricaWeWant

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